This section lists internal innovation projects we work on. Projects that hopefully will benefit India or the world. We'll share questions that puzzle us, and data we have found. You could collaborate with us or work independently on a solution.

Currently, we are trying to design an affordable mask that would (i) protect against the Chinese virus, while being (ii) transparent to enable quality human interactions, and that are (iii) breathable enough to be worn for hours without discomfort.


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We receive a number of job applications, from keen freshers to seasoned industry personnel expressing interest to work with us. While we don't recruit often, we are always humbled by the interest expressed in working with us. In the past, we would check with our network for suitable roles for these individuals. Soon, we intend to have a easy form here to allow applicants to fill in some relevant info, and that would be easily searchable by our industry networks looking for suitable candidates.

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Posts on Design & Strategy

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This is an idea for a social media platform we have been toying with for a while now. Still only in the early idea stage, it aims at promoting more 'human' interactions towards building stronger societal ties.

We'll keep you updated on developments, if any.

The Book: Design the Future

'Design the Future' simplifies human-centered design thinking for companies and interested individuals, enabling them to apply the mindset and tools to innovate or solve complex challenges at work or in their lives.

More about it here.

Speaking Engagements

From time to time, we enjoy sharing our learnings on different platforms we have been invited to. From small interactive sessions with students, to design thinking conclaves and entrepreneurship summits.

If you would like us to be a part of your event, please email us details. Given the current situation and our work engagements, it might be tough to commit to speaking engagements till January, 2021, but we can try.

Some Resources

Download the PDF of Shrutin Shetty's '9-step version of the Design Thinking process'.

Below is an interview where Shrutin Shetty discusses his views on design thinking, and his book, Design the Future.